About RapidCAD

RapidCAD provides extremely easy-to-use web-based tools for rapid solid modeling that can be done by people with no prior experience in solid modeling. It is very ideal for sales personnel and customers. With its advanced under the hood technologies, RapidCAD automates many tedious solid modeling tasks with just a few clicks.

RapidCAD eliminates the need for experienced designers in the early stages of sales while saving tens of thousands of dollars on design costs. One of its primary aims is to improve quote to production time by 80%. It can be used by sales personnel and your customers to improve the accuracy in the early stages of the sales process, and even for production. RapidCAD is a web-based 3D design tool that is integrated on top of a SAAS platform. It assists sales personnel, designers, and engineers in creating extremely rapid designs. Pre-defined tool parameters with 3D and 2D views allow you to create a design in just seconds with high precision. It doesn't require any expertise or previous knowledge or designing experience. With access to the tool, anyone can create the model with the requested parameters.

RapidCAD, currently available for industrial blade and sheet metal companies, provides extremely fast and easy-to-use tools for the inexperienced whether it is your employee or customer. It eliminates the need for experienced designers from the initial sale stage to production. It can be integrated into your website with a few clicks and your customers can design their models and send you a quote all within RapidCAD running on your website. We are currently developing sheet metal assembly tools as well as another application for gear design. Contact us so we can send you your customized subscription package tailored to your exact needs.

The state of the art technology provides-

  • Rapid Computer-Aided Design for the InexperiencedRapidCAD, a web-based computer-aided design application powered by automated tools and calculations makes designing industrial blades and sheet metal as easy as just a few clicks. No design experience is required. Seriously!

  • Integrate into Your WebsiteSimply copy and paste one line of snippet code into an empty HTML page, and upload it to your website, RapidCAD will run on your own website. Let your customer design their own models and send you a quote all within RapidCAD. Improve accuracy, retain customers, turn quotes into sales.

  • No Design Experience RequiredWith RapidCAD, any person without prior solid modeling experience, be it your sales personnel or customer with knowledge in the field can design the parts with just a few clicks. With RapidCAD, the need for experienced designers in the early stages of sales is completely eliminated. Your sales personnel with the help of automated design features of RapidCAD can easily create initial or production designs in seconds, without ever relying on experienced designers.

To know about our capabilities, or to discuss your project with us, please contact us today!