About RapidCAD™

Norck, Inc., a manufacturing software development company based in California, U.S. with its regional office in London, U.K. has long been designing, developing, and deploying custom business applications for its customers in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, and wholesale. The products we developed for our customers were significantly successful in improving efficiency by automating repetitive tasks that were otherwise being performed by highly qualified staff in a time-consuming fashion. 

Back in 2017, our founder Frank, who besides in custom software development company, also had ventures in custom tool manufacturing, spotted a need for an extremely easy-to-use, quite fast-to-design, web-based CAD application coupled with an online quoting capabilities for industrial blade makers as well as sheet metal manufacturers.

This was needed because most experienced designers complained about SolidWorks and AutoCAD being too slow and time-consuming to design with, most manufacturers were trying so hard to eliminate the need for highly skilled product designers in early stages of sales and even production. These softwares were not up to their requirements for a rapid computer aided design application.

When sales personnel and customers requested so many design changes without certainty of inquiries turning into a sale, and the designers were buried under piles of these requests, the idea of RapidCAD was born. Frank knew from the very beginning that the required CAD application to replace SolidWorks and AutoCAD must be industry-specific, it must allow extremely quick designs and must be super-easy to use. Besides advanced designers, it should be easy enough for non-technical people such as sales and marketing or even customers to create CAD models quite easy and fast. It was also obvious to him that designs built on browser should be saved to cloud so they can be seen, modified by anyone easily.

After culmination of years of web-based application development in manufacturing, it was then that Frank along with his brilliant team of software developers decided to develop industry-based CAD application suite called RapidCAD™ for sheet metal manufacturers and industrial blade companies.

Today RapidCAD™ continues to replace some of the well known CAD applications in sheet metal manufacturers and industrial blade companies around the world by providing unique ways for designing solid models for CAD/CAM lightening fast and extremely easy. Thousands of both technical and non-technical people are expected to use RapidCAD™ daily for product design, marketing, quoting, sales and production. 

RapidCAD™, with many improvements being added, provides extremely easy-to-use web-based CAD/CAM applications. It is developed for inexperienced as well as highly experienced designers. With its advanced under the hood technologies, RapidCAD automates many tedious modeling tasks with just a few clicks. RapidCAD™ reduces time to design, sales to production significantly while improving output productivity of designers..

It can be used by experienced and inexperienced designers, sales personnel, even your customers to improve the accuracy for sales and production. It assists designers, engineers, marketing/sales personnel in creating extremely rapid designs. 

You can read and watch RapidCAD™ Sheet for sheet metal manufacturers here, and RapidCAD™ Blade for industrial blade manufacturers here.

We never stopped there. Our newest RapidCAD™ applications are being developed for many other industries. You can see our product roadmap here.

For your questions about RapidCAD™, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.