RapidCAD™ vs. SolidWorks

RapidCAD™ provides industry-specific automated CAD applications that compete with and at the same time complete SolidWorks in many ways. Designs can be created extremely fast and unbelievably easy in RapidCAD™.  RapidCAD™ differs from SolidWorks in many ways-


  • RapidCAD™ is an industry-specific suite of applications that run in the browser.
  • RapidCAD™ does not require the high cost computers.
  • RapidCAD™ can be masked under your domain name while perfectly running on the RapidCAD™ server.
  • RapidCAD™ allows the creation of design templates and saving them in the cloud. These design templates can be used by you or your customers to create designs for quotes and even order online all within RapidCAD.
  • Creating holes and custom cuts in RapidCAD is extremely fast and easy.
  • Any shape can be created in RapidCAD 2D sketcher.
  • Designs in RapidCAD™ can be created in just a few clicks and do not require creating a base sketch.
  • RapidCAD™ does not require expert designers; with pre-defined or even custom sketches, anyone can create complex designs.
  • RapidCAD™ offers a one-click export option after creating the designs.


  • SolidWorks is a general-purpose, non-industry-specific design application that does not support a browser version.
  • SolidWorks requires a certain set of specific configurations to run the design application.
  • SolidWorks is software that can run on your system only.
  • SolidWorks offers traditional ways of designing by creating sketches from scratch. In SolidWorks, you need to create holes and cuts by creating a sketch from scratch and giving dimensions to them by selecting every line.
  • Solidworks does not offer any pre-built templates. You need to create designs from scratch every single time.
  • Working on SolidWorks requires specialized training in the software.
  • SolidWorks does not offer automated drawing applications, so all manufacturing drawings need to be created manually.

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