You can start by creating your account on the RapidCAD website. You can choose any of the 3 options.

  • You can request a custom package by clicking on the REQUEST A PLAN from the website homepage header menu with the details of the tool and the number of your user limit. We will create a custom package for you and send you the invite to your email provided. A link will be provided in the email, and you can sign up by entering the details in the given form.
  • Create your account by clicking on the "SIGNUP" tab from the website's home page. This will redirect you to the form. Just enter the details and select the type of user type. Congratulations! You are now a member of the RapidCAD community.
  • Just select the packages by clicking "CHOOSE PLAN" created especially for your business. You are now a member of the RapidCAD community.

Once you have registered with RapidCAD for the first time, you need to reset the password and confirm the email ID by clicking on the link shared in the registered email.

Once you have registered with RapidCAD for the first time, you need to reset the password and confirm the email ID by clicking on the link shared in the registered email. You will only be able to access limited functionality until you buy a subscription from the given options. To buy a subscription plan,

  • Click on the buy subscription option and you will see the options available to opt from. (Private packages are special packages that are specially created for you.)
  • To get started, choose a subscription that suits your business needs best from the range of options available.
  • You can get a 7-day free trial for the first time, or you can buy the package by clicking on the buy option.
  • You can check the subscription details in your CURRENT PLAN section on the Subscription home page.

Once you have registered with RapidCAD for the first time, you need to reset the password and confirm the email ID by clicking on the link shared in the registered email.You can change your subscription whenever you want and get it activated as per your preference. You can change your subscription with just a few clicks. To change the plan-

  • Click on "Buy other plans" at the bottom of the current plan page. After clicking, you will be redirected to the page with the option to buy a new subscription from one of the available packages.
  • Select the card for the payment or add a new card by entering the details.
  • Click on the "BUY NOW" option to purchase the subscription.

This new subscription will be in the upcoming plan until it is activated manually from the UPCOMING SUBSCRIPTION tab or with the next billing cycle.

You can simply click on the option of ADD SUB ADMIN available on the Sub-admin screen and follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Click on the ADD SUB ADMIN option to create a new sub-admin.
  • Enter the details as per the requirements. Remember, the email ID is important to cross-check as the details of the sub-admin will be provided at the provided email address.
  • You can define the access level of this user by selecting the check box for the feature mentioned.

The complete application can be managed from the setting section of the account dashboard. You can see and manage the account information from the account info option under the setting section.

You can now create a design from scratch and save it as a template for future use, or you can clone the pre-designed templates created by the super admin. You can download these templates by clicking on the toggle named "BUILT-IN-TEMPLATES." To create the design templates-

  • Add the ARCHIVE button to open the pop-up to select the tool type based on the subscription type.
  • Select the tool from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be redirected to the 3D modeling tool where you can create the designs as per your needs.
  • After creating the design, click on the Save Design option. Now just enter the tags (optional), names, and description (optional) to save the design.
  • You can also clone the pre-designed templates saved in the archive by clicking on the clone option and following steps 3 and 4, or you can clone the templates from the built-in templates that are the designs saved by the super admin.
  • You can search the Templates by the tags and names given after creating the designs.
  • You can also filter the templates based on the tool types of tags used for different tools.

From the Account Info screen, you can always change the details provided. You can change the image, address, business name, and website details and click on the UPDATE button to update the details. You will not be allowed to change the email once provided at the time of registration.

RapidCAD can be installed on any website masked under a domain name while running on the RapidCAD server. You can install the snippet using the instructions provided in the Settings > Setup Snippet.

The end users can create the designs and can share the RFQ for a quotation. This RFQ can be seen in the admin dashboard section of QUOTE MANAGEMENT. These RFQs will be listed in tabular format. You can filter/sort out the received RFQ on the basis of

  • Date range (the date the RFQ was received)
  • Name of the Company
  • From Ascending to Descending and back again

An end-user can create an RFQ and share the quotation. You can review the design in the UNDER REVIEW tag and associated details from the view icon of the Action item and click on the SHARE QUOTE button to enter the per-unit price of the design shared. Once the user receives the quote, they can either accept or decline the quote offer. If accepted, the RFQ will move to the APPROVED section and you will be able to change the status of the RFQ.

You can create a design and share it with the end-user for approval from the quote management page. Two options are available to create the design-

  1. ADD RFQ: this will open the popup to select the tool for creating the design as per the subscription plan. Select the tool and you will be redirected to the toll to create the design.
  2. 2. ADD RFQ FROM ARCHIVE: This will take you to the archive screen where you can choose an existing design to clone and begin the design. After selecting any saved design, you will be redirected to the 3D tool to start creating the design.

You can create the design from the 2 options mentioned above. Once you are redirected to the tool, follow the simple steps to create the design and send it for approval

  • Create the design using the 3D modeling tool and then click on save the design.
  • The next screen will open to enter the details for the end-user. Remember email address is the key to the successful submission of design for approval.
  • Enter the details required and click on SUBMIT button.
  • This design will be updated in the UNDER REVIEW section of the QUOTE MANAGEMENT home screen. SEND QUOTE option will remain disabled unless the User approves the design.
  • End-user can review the design and can approve and request for quote.
  • You can now share your quote per unit by clicking on SEND QUOTE button.

After getting approved by the user, this RFQ will move to the APPROVED section where you can manage the status of the order.

RapidCAD ensures that you, as our customer, have the luxury of choosing your package as per your requirements. We have a varied range of plans that will be created as per your specific needs. There are 2 specific categories of the packages that we offer:

  1. SUBSCRIPTION: This is a package created specifically for your business with a billing cycle on a fixed time interval. That may be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or even annually. You can opt for packages that suit best for you. This category of package suits best for small to mid-sized companies with limited budgets. In this type of package, you can run the RapidCAD tool masked under your domain name while running on the RapidCAD server. You can install the snippet using the instructions provided in the Settings > Setup Snippet.
  2. LIFETIME LICENSE: This category of the package is designed for a lifetime license where you just need to purchase a package once and you can use the RapidCAD tool without any billing cycle for a lifetime. With this lifetime license, you can now integrate this tool with your own website running on your own server.

These are the two distinct categories of user roles that RapidCAD provides based on the situation.

INDIVIDUAL: This type of user role is an individual account meant just for creating designs and practicing. This role is not meant for any company, and neither can the user share any designs for RFQ or quotes. This is a basic user type where you can simply create your account and design and save it in your archive.

COMPANY: As the name suggests, a company users type is designed for any type of manufacturers where you have a complete set of flow to create design share with their end customers. Even your end customers can create the designs and share them for RFQ. You can create multiple users under your package as per the plan.