RapidCAD™ Blade

RapidCAD™ Blade is a unique CAD application developed by RapidCAD. It provides tools for creating industrial blade CAD models extremely fast and unbelievably easy for users with all levels of background. It reduces the processing times of design to quote and quote-to-production significantly while increasing quote-order ratio by allowing your customers to design their CAD models in an application integrated into your website. Team members of sales, marketing or your customers can create industrial blade and machine knife designs without any prior CAD knowledge or experience. Their designs can easily be saved into a collection or category of parts for users to view, modify and order.

RapidCAD Blade currently has eight main type of blade capability in its portfolio which include circular blade, straight blade, dished blade, pointed tip blade, circular punch blade, rectangular punch blade, type 1 curved blade, type 2 curved blade. We will soon add a breakthrough custom sketcher in RapidCAD Blade allowing users to create custom blades of any type with high accuracy. 

With RapidCAD™ Blade, even your customers can create new blades from scratch, or modify prebuilt blade models, review them, ask for a quote all within RapidCAD™.

Creating and placing holes such as through, or countersunk or any kind that your industry requires is a one click operation in RapidCAD that can be successfully made in seconds. Predefined tooth types and bevels enables users to create models fast and extremely easy. 

Exporting your CAD models in various formats such as DXF, STP, STL is a one click operation to perform.

Today, tens of industrial blade and machine knife manufacturers across the globe who use RapidCAD Blade everyday, have improved their competitiveness significantly by providing RapidCAD Blade application to their employees and customers. Their employees can now design with a few clicks, manage quoting process, and their customers can login to their RapidCAD account and modify prebuilt industrial blade CAD models and ask for a quote all within RapidCAD.

Don't be behind in this state of the art technology. Contact us today to get started with RapidCAD Blade.

Next, you can watch RapidCAD Blade in action in the following videos or learn more about its technical capabilities by clicking the button "RapidCAD Blade User Documentation".

RapidCAD Blade: Creating Circular Blade

RapidCAD Blade: Creating Straight Blade

RapidCAD Blade: Creating Dished Blade

RapidCAD Blade: Creating Pointed Tip Blade

RapidCAD Blade: Creating Curved (First) Blade

RapidCAD vs. SolidWorks: Creating Straight Blade

Video Documentation: Circular Blade

Video Documentation: Straight Blade

Video Documentation: Pointed Tip Blade

Video Documentation: Punch Circular Blade

Video Documentation: Curved First Blade

Video Documentation: Punch Rectangular Blade