RapidCAD™ Sheet

RapidCAD™ Sheet is a highly optimized, one of a kind, extremely easy, unbelievably fast sheet metal design application within RapidCAD™. It is powerful, web-based and it allows simple to complex sheet metal parts to be modeled by users with all levels of background. It is specifically developed for sheet metal manufacturers as well as sheet metal cutting companies.

RapidCAD™ Sheet's advanced 2D sketcher and state-of-the-art 3D modeling user interfaces help create sheet metal CAD models extremely easy and fast by removing redundant and repetitive steps from the designers' way. Within 2D sketcher user interface, users can create base flanges of any shapes with any cut-outs, and then convert them into 3D solid model with a single click. From there on, users can create advanced sheet metal designs with the simplest rule possible: click on the edge. By clicking on an edge of an object, users can create flanges, hems, tabs, fillets, chamfers within seconds.

Creating a custom cut on any surface is as easy as just a few clicks. Same as custom cuts, creating a hole in RapidCAD is extremely easy. Tens of industry standard predefined hole types are at the tip of your finger. Creating a custom hole is a few clicks away.

Creating sheet metal designs in RapidCAD™ Sheet is extremely fast thanks to its advanced technology and unique approach to CAD modeling. Sheet metal design created in RapidCAD™ Sheet takes usually 1/3 of the time it takes in SolidWorks, and best of all RapidCAD™ Sheet requires no previous CAD modeling training.

All users with previous exposure to sheet metal operations can create sheet metal parts as fast as in several minutes.

CAD models created in RapidCAD Sheet can be saved on cloud, categorized into groups or collections. Anyone including your customers can see the designs, modify them and request for a quote for these designs all within RapidCAD™ Sheet.

Exporting your CAD models in various formats such as DXF, STP, STL is a one click operation to perform.

Today, hundreds of sheet metal manufacturers and sheet metal cutting companies across the globe who use RapidCAD™ Sheet everyday, have improved their competitiveness significantly by providing RapidCAD™ Sheet to their employees and customers. Their employees can now design with a few clicks, manage quoting process, and their customers can login to their RapidCAD™ account and modify prebuilt sheet metal CAD models and ask for a quote all within RapidCAD™.

Don't be behind in this state-of-the-art technology. Contact us today to get started with RapidCAD™ Sheet.

Next, you can watch RapidCAD™ Sheet in action in the following videos or learn more about its technical capabilities by clicking the button "RapidCAD™ Sheet User Documentation".

RapidCAD™ Sheet in Action: Creating Sheet Metal

RapidCAD™ Sheet in Action: Creating Sheet Metal

RapidCAD™ Sheet in Action: Creating Sheet Metal

RapidCAD™ vs. SolidWorks: Creating Sheet Metal

RapidCAD™ vs. SolidWorks: Creating Sheet Metal