RapidCAD™ RoadMap

Q2 2022

2D Sketcher Application

In Q2 2022, we plan to release a general as well as use-specific two-dimensional sketcher  application. It will primarily aim at laser cutters, architects, civil engineers, insurance companies, and appraisers in real estate business. It will be customized according to these uses. In line with RapidCAD philosophy, most steps will again be automated using advanced design techniques combined with powerful RapidCAD design engine.

Q2 2022

Assembly Application for RapidCAD™ Sheet

In Q2 of 2022, we plan to release an assembly interface for RapidCAD™ Sheet. With the sheet metal parts created in RapidCAD™ Sheet or exported into it, users will be able to assemble sheet metal parts in this new interface and export in the format they wish.

RapidCAD Sheet Assembly will be extremely easy and significantly fast compared to general CAD applications. 

Q2 2022

Nesting and Costing Application for RapidCAD Sheet

In Q3 2022, we plan to release for RapidCAD™ Sheet a completely automated sheet metal nesting application that will calculate maximum number of parts that can be placed on a 2D plate to decrease scrap rate of sheet metal. All scrap data will be captured for further processing for sale. With this integrated application for RapidCAD Sheet, our customers will reduce their cost by maximizing their output in each and every single sheet metal cutting operations.

Q2 2022

AI-Driven Instant Quote Application

In Q1 2022, we plan to release the AI-driven Instant Quote application for all RapidCAD products as well as designs uploaded on RapidCAD. With this new application feature, users will be provided with estimates instantly based on the types and range of the tool parameters. Users will not have to wait for a quote as they will receive the estimates while finalizing their designs. RapidCAD customers can set the types and range of the tool parameters and define the cost structure that can be managed at any point in time.

Q3 2022

Automated Drawing Application

In Q1 2022, we plan to release for RapidCAD™ Sheet and RapidCAD™ Blade a completely automated set of applications for creating technical drawings with all annotations and measurements provided with minimal user interference. With this new application, users will be provided highly accurate industry-standard technical drawings with a single click, similar to exporting a file.

Q4 2023

RapidCAD™ Mold

RapidCAD™ Mold will be one of the biggest advancements in the RapidCAD™ suite of applications. Started a few years ago, we are still in the development of making a completely web-based mold design and quote application as part of RapidCAD™. From experienced designers to those seeking to explore rapid prototyping, they will be able to create mold designs quickly and accurately all within RapidCAD™ Mold.

Q4 2022

RapidCAD™ Gear

At RapidCAD, we will releasing a new application called RapidCAD™ Gear. With this new addition to the suite of current applications in RapidCAD™, RapidCAD™ Gear will provide 100% web-based gear design and integration. Gear manufacturers and suppliers can allow their customers and sales personnel or even experienced designers to switch to web-based RapidCAD™ Gear to design their gears in real-time on their browser. Your company can use RapidCAD™ Gear on your website to allow your customers review prebuilt gears, ask for a pricing or build new gears from scratch.

Stay Tuned for More Updates